FANSENS FRÅGOR: Adam Mascherin

6 januari 2022 09:18

Allt från mazariner till framtiden. Skellefteå AIK:s nr 23 besvarar en härlig mix med frågor inskickade av supportrar via Facebook & Instagram. Läs alla svaren här.

Ivan: What’s the reason you chose to come to and play for Skellefteå?

– Anytime an opportunity to play for a winning organization comes up it’s pretty hard to say no. Also a chance to develop as a player with the program the organization puts in place for us players. It’s not an accident that the guys who play here consistently improve and become better players and my goal is always to get better so it seemed like a good opportunity. And lastly to come and play hockey in Europe is a cool life experience.

Erik: What do you like most about Skellefteå AIK?

– So far my entire experience has been positive. From the way the team of guys and also organization has welcomed me to the really cool chants our fans do during the game has been a really cool part so far for me.

Theo: Do you like jazz?

– It definitely isn’t first or second or third on my genre choices in music.

Henry: Do you really like mazarins?

– I enjoy a Mazarin every now and then but my favorite Swedish dessert are the biskvier ones with the hazelnut!

Alicea: Favourite food?

– Ribs or chicken wings on the barbecue!

Stenvall family: What do you like to watch on TV?

– The Blacklist, Suits and Prison Break are my favorites!

Oliver, 4: You are my favourite player in Skellefteå AIK. How have you become so good at scoring goals?

– Tack! A lot of practice shooting and some good line mates!

Lars: Have you been icefishing for char or trout? If not.. when?

– I have not been ice fishing and don’t think it will be in my plans considering how cold it is in Skellefteå.

Kris: How do you like Skellefteå? And what are your thoughts / chances staying with AIK next year?

– I’ve really enjoyed living here so far! Everybody is very friendly and welcoming. At this point I’m very upset not to be able to finish the season and am looking forward to being 100% healthy again for next season. I’ve loved playing here in this short time and if the opportunity presented it self to come back I feel I have more to show and give to AIK organization and fans.

Eriksson: Which player on the team got the worst taste in music?

– Depending on who you ask some guys might say it’s me but I think it’s Roos. Haha.

Christina: Who is your favourite hockey player and why? And If you had to describe that player in three words what would they be?

– My favorite hockey player growin up was Mats Sundin because he was the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, which is my favorite team. One word: BEAST.

Linnéa: Best player you’ve ever played with?

– Denis Gurianov.

Daniel: How much do you bench in the gym?

– No bench press with these shoulders. Maybe when I get a new one lol.

Ulrica: Favourite hockeyteam??

– Toronto Maple Leafs!

Johan: Is Jonathan Johnson the ”Swedish Leon Draisaitl”?

– Absolut! He is incredible out there each and every game! And he uses that crazy straight blade similar to the German Leon!

Avslutningsvis vill Adam skicka en hälsning till alla Skellefteå AIK-fans:

– Thank you AIK fans for the incredible support in my unfortunate short start to the season here! I had a lot of fun playing for this team and these fans and will be cheering just as loud as all of you as we fight for the championship!