Laura har förlängt sitt kontrakt

14 maj 2021 13:20

Laura anslöt till laget säsongen 20/21 från tidigare spel i MODOs SDHL lag. De 4 matcher som laget hann spelas under denna säsong så stod Laura för 3 mål.

Laura är en talang, hon har en grym teknik både i skridskoåkning och i sina handleder. Samt ett effektivt skott, även om vi bara fick en försmak av hennes förmågor förra säsongen så är vi säkra på att hon kommer visa upp hela sitt register kommande säsong. Hon kommer vara en viktig spjutspets för oss, säger lagets team manager Ulrika Dahlgren.

What are your goals for the next season?

My goals for the next season is just to be the best teammate possible both on and off the ice, and of course I hope I', going to feel good on the ice and make some points but as ling. as we are winning as a team I'm happy. We all want to make it to the playoffs and eventually go to the SDHL so I think that is our goal for upcoming season since the last season didn't go as well for us due to covid.

You are back in Czech now, what are you plans for the summer?

I have been home now for a few weeks and I'm just enjoying time with my family and friends. I'm also getting ready for next season, the gyms in Czech are still closed because of covid, but im trying to make the best out of the situation here in Czech. I'm also getting tan, cause you never now how much sun you are going to gett in Skellefteå.

What is you favorite thing about Skellefteå?

I would say that it is the city and the nature around. This winter was crazy, I have never seen that amount of snow in my life, so tthat was exciting. I got to experience sweidish '' okapula'' (åka pulka) as well and I loved it. I also love the summers in Skellefteå, girls in our team always make sure that I'm not boerd, so I can't reallt complain. I'm really excited to come back!